Why You Should Write a Will When You Are Young

//Why You Should Write a Will When You Are Young

Why You Should Write a Will When You Are Young

Young people tend to ignore drafting a will. Frequently they avoid drafting a will due to the misconception that wills only apply to wealthier individuals and the elderly. In fact, a will is important for anyone who wants to choose where their property will go if they die. A will clearly and legally dictates the wishes of an individual, and can have different benefits for each person. So, it is important to meet with a lawyer in Tampa to go over how a will could benefit you.

If it is your wish to give your assets to a friend or a charity, then you will want to have a will. Without it, the statutes will dictate who receives your assets. Typically, your assets will go to immediate family members. Therefore, if you wish to leave anything to friends or charities, then you must have it explicitly stated in a legally valid format.

Wills are generally revocable, so if your wishes change, you can update them. You can update your will after every major milestone in your life, that way you are building your plan to match your current life situation. If you haven’t completed a will by the time you are married or living with your partner, then it’s definitely time to meet with your lawyer in Tampa to determine exactly what would happen with your belongings if something happened to you.

For those who feel a bit uneasy thinking about the grim subjects surrounding wills, it’s important to find an estate planner whom you feel comfortable with who can go over the important topics with you without making you feel uncomfortable.

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