Why You Should Avoid Probate

//Why You Should Avoid Probate

Why You Should Avoid Probate

Everyone wants their assets to be transferred with as little hassle as possible. Nobody wants to put their beneficiaries through unnecessary hoops and hurdles.  That’s why finding the right lawyer in Tampa is so important. They can help you with your estate planning so that you avoid probate. Without careful planning, your assets could go through probate. Probate, is when the court oversees how your assets are distributed upon your death. Something you should avoid by finding yourself a good lawyer in Tampa.

If you die without a will, something that your lawyer in Tampa should ensure never happens, then your assets with go through probate. Almost everyone can agree that this is not the way they would want their assets to be distributed. If you want control over how your assets are handled, then meet with a lawyer and talk about estate planning. They will help you create a will so that your final wishes can be carried out, according to you, not the state.

During probate, your assets will be used to pay off any debts you owe and anything left over will usually be given to a surviving spouse or next of kin.

Probate tends to be quite time consuming and a financial burden. This is something that will hurt your estate. In addition to that, your will or distribution of assets will be made public. Meaning, the general public will have details that you might not want to have shared with everyone. So, if you avoid probate you can keep your estate planning a private family matter. Only those you want to be made privy will know.

But, a will isn’t and ironclad defense against probate. Your estate could still go through probate. A living trust actually avoids probate because all assets in the living trust are transferred to your successor trustee. They can then carry out your wishes without having to go through probate.

To save your loved ones or beneficiaries a great deal of time, money, pain, and frustration, schedule a meeting with one of our lawyers, right here in Tampa. They can assist you in all your estate planning needs. Check out our blog for more tips and info. Contact us today at (813) 448-1042 about meeting one of our lawyers!


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