Why You Need an Attorney to Help Draft Your Demand Letter

//Why You Need an Attorney to Help Draft Your Demand Letter

Why You Need an Attorney to Help Draft Your Demand Letter

Business is a great thing. People are exchanging goods and services, money is being made, and everyone usually ends up satisfied. A crucial part of business is that everything will be honored on good faith. The customers will pay and the business will provide. However, sometimes this can fall apart. That is when you should have your local lawyer in Tampa get involved. When something like this happens you and your lawyer in Tampa can draft up a demand letter, which is a formal way of letting your debtor know about upcoming legal action. Below are three reasons why you need to have your lawyer in Tampa involved.

Clear Wording
Many disputes can actually be settled at this stage in the process. This can save you and your business from getting this situation elevated into the courts. The action of writing a demand letter actually formally lays out your grievances with your debtor. This will then most likely achieve one of two things. The first is that it could elicit a settlement from the debtor and, as mentioned above, end the dispute right there. The second thing it could do is be evidence of a formal acknowledgement of your grievance against the debtor. Therefore, have your lawyer help you write the letter so that it can be admissible in court.

Law Firm’s Letterhead
Most people want to avoid court. They would much rather settle out of court and have the whole situation behind them. Well, by having the demand letter written with your law firm’s letterhead, you can be sure that your debtor knows you are being serious. This sets a clear and firm tone early on. Additionally, it lets your debtor know that you intend to sue if they ignore your letter. This can actually scare them into settling because it could motivate them to avoid dealing with the courts.

Having your lawyer help draft your demand letter is crucial. If you do end up suing, everything will be scrutinized. This also means that your demand letter will be looked at. By having your lawyer write the letter, you can rest assured that it will be professional and clear in its intention. Remember, it’s always a good idea to err on the side of caution and have your lawyer involved in order to make sure everything is within a legal framework.

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