The Benefits To Having An Estate Planning Attorney Draft Your Will

//The Benefits To Having An Estate Planning Attorney Draft Your Will

The Benefits To Having An Estate Planning Attorney Draft Your Will

When it comes to estate planning, it’s best to have professionals help you. Meeting with your lawyer in Tampa can be just what you need in order to find an estate plan that works for you. Your lawyer in Tampa will have the experience and knowledge to help you craft the right plan to accomplish what you want. When it comes to wills, it is easy to find a DIY one online. But, to ensure that the documents are legally valid, it is best to speak with your lawyer in Tampa. Here are a couple benefits to having your lawyer in Tampa help draft your will:

Drafting a will yourself comes with its fair share of errors. For example, you may forget to sign the will, fail to satisfy the state’s witness requirements, or improperly add illegal provisions, all of these mistakes can potentially lead to a will being declared invalid. If your will is determined invalid then your assets will be distributed based on the state’s intestate laws.

If your will isn’t determined completely invalid, it still may not be interpreted quite as you hoped as a result of vague wording or misusing legal jargon. Lawyers understand the terminology that is necessary in order to accurately reflect your wishes. Drafting a will by yourself can lead to improper wording that makes it ambiguous and, therefore, easy to be misinterpreted. Ambiguous or misstated phrases could result in your loved ones fighting in court over your estate.

When you create your own will, it can be easy to forget minor or major details that an estate planning attorney would bring up. For example, what happens if all of your assets are left to your child, but they unexpectedly die before you or with you? Or, what if one of your assets that was to be distributed is no longer owned by you at the time of your death? Matters like these can easily fall through the cracks to the untrained eye. An estate planning attorney will be able to plan ahead for these types of pitfalls.

Remember that estate planning is a powerful tool that is intended to help you. Think of it less as a chore and more as an investment. Check out our blog for more tips and info. Contact Fresh Legal Perspective today by calling (813) 448-1042 and ask about scheduling a consultation.

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