How Postnuptial Agreements Affect Your Estate Planning

//How Postnuptial Agreements Affect Your Estate Planning

How Postnuptial Agreements Affect Your Estate Planning

Estate planning allows you to give back to your loved ones, community, or any person or organization you deem fit. That’s why it is so important to speak with your lawyer in Tampa about how you want your final wishes to be carried out. Your lawyer in Tampa will have the knowledge and experience to help you craft an estate plan that reflects your wishes. However, what happens if your spouse doesn’t feel the same way you do about leaving everything to your old college or a distant family member? Therefore, if there are opposing views, it may be best to sit down with you lawyer in Tampa on how best to approach this issue.

There are many things to consider when doing your estate planning. One key thing to consider is what right your spouse has when you decide on who gets what. There are many areas married couples may agree on, but there can be some major differing opinions on certain aspects of your estate plan.

So, if there is a prenuptial agreement, in many instances, this is drafted up with assets that are owned during the start of the marriage. Assets prior to the marriage don’t become part of the shared property of the couple. But, a postnuptial agreement differs on this. If the couple didn’t have the need for a prenup but now need one, there is that option. A postnuptial agreement can be used in the absence of a prenup or if the financial situation has drastically changed for one spouse. It’s also a very useful tool for divorces since it will predetermine the distribution of assets if the couple were to ever divorce.

Another reason for a postnuptial agreement is because of life changes. Children, investment decisions, and other life changing decisions can make a postnuptial agreement necessary in order to plan for the future. A postnuptial agreement should actually be drafted in order to strengthen relationships too. It is, in itself, a great estate planning tool for deciding how to distribute assets when one spouse dies.

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