5 Tips for Estate Planning This Holiday Season

//5 Tips for Estate Planning This Holiday Season

5 Tips for Estate Planning This Holiday Season

Thanksgiving and the holiday season are just around the corner. First off it’s a good reason to reconnect with your lawyer in Tampa. For many, this means family, friends and food, but for others, this time of year also means an opportunity to discuss Tampa estate planning goals and plans for the future with your lawyer.

Start the conversation about estate planning with your lawyer in Tampa with these few tips:

  1. Find the right time
    Find the right moment to begin the conversation. No one says it’ll be easy, but in the end, it’ll be rewarding. While some people prefer to schedule and plan for when their family can sit down and talk, others find it easier to start the conversation casually while cooking or cleaning up.
  2. Stay strong
    Like your Tampa estate planning lawyer will tell you, “the talk” doesn’t need to be dark or morbid. Instead, focus on the positive. Conversations such as this one help to prevent future surprises and financial burdens, and lead to peace of mind.
  3. Introduce the topic gently. 
    Introduce the topic in a way that feels easiest for you. Perhaps through storytelling. Has the sudden death of a family member or friend opened up your eyes? Are you planning to retire or move? Stories such as these can help you transition into the topic of family preparedness.
  4. Assess the situation 
    Not all family dynamics are the same. Consider yours before deciding on how to best approach them. Perhaps it’s best you speak to your family members individual as opposed to a group?
  5. Focus on the positive
    Just because the conversation is about topics related to death, doesn’t mean that’s all it has to be. Instead, focus on the good and the positive. Focus on the sort of legacy you want to leave your loved ones and how you want to be remembered.

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