4 Legal Issues to Watch Out For In Non-Profit Organizations

//4 Legal Issues to Watch Out For In Non-Profit Organizations

4 Legal Issues to Watch Out For In Non-Profit Organizations

Working for a non-profit organization can be a very rewarding experience. However, it’s important to remember that they are susceptible to the same legal issues that for-profit organizations face. On top of that, they must comply with IRS rules and regulations for non-profits. Have your lawyer in Tampa take a look over how they can help you with legal services for a non-profit organization. Your lawyer in Tampa can also assist you on the risks that non-profits face and their legal implications. Check out which areas to look closely at and have your lawyer in Tampa help you out.

Social Media
It’s important to be on social media. You have to spread awareness, and social media is one of the best vehicles for that. But, social media can also expose a non-profit to unwanted legal action. Posting certain things could lead to copyright infringements, privacy violations, or discrimination claims. It’s important that the employees that have access to the social media accounts are within the legal and ethical guidelines of the organization and the law. Don’t allow the organization to be exposed to defamation or poor optics.

Workplace Environment
Don’t allow for a toxic work environment. Also, don’t let workplace bullying to occur. This also includes sexual harassment, whether it is within the organization or by a third-party such as volunteers. Many states actually even have laws that carry legal consequences for organizations that subject their employees to this kind of environment. Therefore, it’s important to have an internal framework that can deal with such issues. Have this supported by clearly setting an appropriate workplace behavior guideline that lets people know that a safe work environment is a top priority.

Federal Tax-exempt Status
This status allows for non-profits to be freed from most federal and state tax liabilities. The flipside to this is that the rules are pretty strict. Everything from fundraising, programming, lobbying, certification, and more, are under strict regulations by the government. This includes filling out a yearly IRS Form 900 to help the government with your compliance. It’s important to have a lawyer help the non-profit organization stay up to date on all the latest rules and regulations.

Copyright Laws
Copyright and trademark infringements are pretty serious. It’s very easy for staffers to fall prey to this, without realizing the implications. Therefore, anything that goes out to the public should be carefully reviewed. Additionally, it’s important to protect the non-profit organization itself. Make sure to protect symbols, expressions, or anything else that can be associated with the non-profit. The non-profit’s intellectual property is very important, so protect it by registering trademarks or copyrighting if it is worth it.

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