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5 Reasons to Hire a Tax Attorney

Just because you’re paying your taxes each year, doesn’t mean you’re safe from the IRS. Talk to your lawyer in Tampa to make sure you are safe. Sometimes the government agency cannot help but to reach out to an individual if they feel they have reason to and grounds to do so. Plan ahead by [...]

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Estate Planning Considerations for Single Parents

While estate planning with your lawyer in Tampa, it is typically the same for most people, there are some special considerations that single parents should think about when looking into making sure that their loved ones are cared for. When planning for the future, here are a few things to think and talk to your [...]

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5 Tips for Estate Planning This Holiday Season

Thanksgiving and the holiday season are just around the corner. First off it's a good reason to reconnect with your lawyer in Tampa. For many, this means family, friends and food, but for others, this time of year also means an opportunity to discuss Tampa estate planning goals and plans for the future with your [...]

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5 Tips for Hiring a Business Lawyer

Are you looking to hire a Tampa business lawyer? If so, choose wisely since there are many lawyers out there in Tampa. Do your research and carefully follow along to our five tips. 1. Conduct Interviews To best asses a prospective Tampa business lawyer’s legal abilities and qualifications, arrange a sit-down with them. Most Tampa [...]

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