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3 Reasons You Need a Will

Ever wonder whether you need a will? Don't say that aloud because your lawyer in Tampa will be horrified. If you never sat down with your lawyer in Tampa to go over your estate planning, then it's time to do it now! Here’s why you should sit down with your lawyer in Tampa to go [...]

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5 Must-Do Tips For Your Will And Estate Plan

Think you don’t need to speak with your lawyer in Tampa about an estate plan? Think again! Estate planning can only benefit you and your family as it is the best way to communicate your wishes after you pass. So, take the time to meet with your lawyer in Tampa about estate planning. To ensure [...]

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Ways to Avoid Probate

Make no mistake, estate planning can be tricky, which is why you need your lawyer in Tampa to advise you. If you’re considering seeking legal advice for getting your final affairs in order in Tampa, there are several lawyers who can help. Why should you consider taking steps to make sure your wishes are spelled [...]

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Avoid Estate Planning Complications

Estate planning with your lawyer is serious business in Tampa. In order to avoid unnecessary estate planning complications, the best advice we could give is to talk to a Tampa lawyer, but going into the conversation prepared is always your best bet. Here’s some information on what to take into consideration when thinking about the [...]

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Frequently Asked Divorce Questions

Family law isn’t just estate planning. Sure, your Tampa family lawyers can handle estate planning, and you should definitely contact them about that if you need it, but in addition to estate planning, Tampa family lawyers also cover matters like child custody, and divorce. There are a number of questions that arise when matters of [...]

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