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Taking a “Legal Holiday” By Jesse Butler

The term “legal holiday” is one we have all seen, if not ourselves utilized, in legal documents. However, what does the term “legal holiday” actually mean? It turns out; it depends on the context. And the differences are rather surprising. When calculating time periods set forth in statutes, rules, or court orders, Florida Rule of [...]

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ABLE Accounts in Florida: A Savings Plan for Disability Costs By Betsy Simmons Hannibal, Attorney

Florida established one of the first ABLE programs in the nation. It’s called ABLE United, and it’s for Florida residents only. See below for details about Florida’s ABLE United. ABLE accounts are bank accounts that allow people with special needs to save money without jeopardizing their disability benefits. ABLE accounts come from the federal ABLE (Achieving a Better [...]

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What Small Businesses Need to Know About Organized Retail Crime By Christopher Coble, Esq.

You might've been thinking shoplifters attacking your store were isolated thieves, acting alone and out of desperation. But that's not always the case. Sophisticated shoplifting rings have learned that pooling your resources can lead to increased profits and that certain consumer products become very valuable when they hit the street. Now small businesses have begun seeing [...]

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