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Law Enforcement Liability Provided by

Most police uphold justice and incarcerate the criminals perpetrating illegal activities. They become witnesses in court proceedings to ensure that people who break the law are held accountable. The actions of law enforcement officers usually result in the law being upheld with victims receiving justice for crimes committed against them. However, some police officers commit [...]

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Fraudulent Inducement of Employment Contract in California By Gehres Law Group, P.C.

California law in regard to fraudulent inducement of employment, a situation in which an employer is alleged to have made false statements to a prospective employee for the purpose of inducing the candidate to accept the employer’s job offer. It also explores the remedies available to an employee against an employer where the employee suffers [...]

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Teaching Our Teachers: The Justice Teaching Institute by Annette Boyd Pitts

Teaching about the courts, and particularly the appellate process, can be a challenging task for many teachers. Hundreds of thousands of Florida students are immersed in the study of civics, government, and law throughout the state, creating a need for quality professional development. Training is needed to equip teachers with the knowledge and strategies to [...]

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