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Meeting the Challenges Ahead: Law Firm Success in Transitional Times

By Andrew E. Jillson on July 15, 2015Posted in Law Firm Leadership, Law Firm Repositioning/Turnaround/Restructuring, Law Firm TransitionFor followers of the law firm industry, there never is a shortage of opinions about its current state or what the future holds. True to form, the recent publication of Professor Ben Barton’s Glass Half Full: The Decline [...]

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Lawyers: What To Do If You Are Not Getting Paid

Legal Productivity put out a great article here. "Nothing is worse than performing work and not getting paid. Its frustrating and stressful. I’m sure that you want to avoid litigation which can be a lengthy process with legal fees usually starting around $3,500 and skyrocketing depending on the work. Litigation is also emotionally draining, causing [...]

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Anatomy of the 21st Century Lawyer

The traditional role of lawyers and the way law is practiced today is dramatically different from 50 years ago. Times have changed. The old business model that has been utilized for hundreds of years by law firms no longer works. The use of technology and the demographics of the every day law firm are a [...]

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Welcoming New Attorney to FLP

Fresh Legal Perspective wants to extend a warm welcome to our newest team member- Andra Brumberg. Andra Brumberg, Esq. is an associate attorney at Fresh Legal Perspective, PL, who is licensed to practice law in both the state of Florida and New York. Andra was born and raised in New York City and graduated with [...]

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