Should I Write My Own Obituary?

//Should I Write My Own Obituary?

Should I Write My Own Obituary?

Going through the estate planning process also makes some people start thinking about other Should I Write My Own Obituary? - Goosmann Trust Law Counselpreferences that are important to them when they pass away and can start a conversation about these details with their loved ones. Specifics about funeral arrangements, songs they want played, if they want to buried or cremated, etc.

Many people want to make it as easy as possible for their children and loves ones that they work with a funeral home and preplan and prepay for their arrangements. But would you be one that would go so far as to write your own obituary? One Florida woman, Emily Debrayda Phillips, did. Click here for the story.

Writing your own obituary may not be for everyone. It does allow you to make sure to include what was most important to you and make sure people remember you how you want to remembered. It does allow you to influence your personal touch one last time to those you left behind. If this sparked interest in you, here is a website I found that offers tips to writing your own obituary.

For additional information, contact a funeral home or feel free to contact Goosmann Trust Law Counsel at [email protected] or (712) 226-4000 for the Memorial Services Form we give our estate planning clients. While it does not help you write your obituary, it does address many other areas to think about for your final memorial services wishes.

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