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Working from Home

Thanks to technology, your office can be anywhere and everywhere. Even your very own lawyer in Tampa could be working from home. Many people take advantage of this and actually start small businesses from their home. Having a home office does come with its own legal and practical implications. Check in with your lawyer in [...]

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Marital Deduction – What You Should Know

Marital deduction, also known as unlimited marital deduction, is one of the most improperly used and well-known estate tax reducers. Consult with your lawyer in Tampa to further understand how the marital deduction works and why the above statement is true. Some of the important features of the marital deduction are unlimited transfers and citizenship [...]

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Non-Compete Agreements

How legally binding are non-compete agreements? Have you signed one or have you asked your local Tampa lawyer about them? Well in Florida, they are actually usually enforceable. So, next time you have to sign one or have someone sign one, speak with your lawyer in Tampa to see what course of action you must [...]

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What to Know When Fighting An IRS Bill

The IRS is probably the quintessential embodiment of bureaucracy. Therefore, don’t be surprised that when dealing with them you must play by their rules. It would be prudent to have your local Tampa lawyer assist you on the best course of action when fighting an IRS bill. Don’t forget to follow procedure and to closely [...]

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