3 Reasons You Need a Will

//3 Reasons You Need a Will

3 Reasons You Need a Will

Ever wonder whether you need a will? The answer is yes! Here’s why.

1) Control
A will allows you to be in control even after you’ve passed. It allows you to determine how you would like your estate to be distributed and it guarantees that your wishes are carried out. Wills also minimizes family feuds. They allow you to make a list of all your family members and friends, and match them up with your assets.

2) Your children’s future
A will also allows you to make a decision about who you would like taking care of your children in the event that you pass. While this is a thought that most parents hate to think about, the reality is that life is unpredictable. Tragedies happen and you want your children to be safe. Set your mind and heart at ease by knowing that your children are in good hands.

3)You can disinherit people
People that you don’t want inheriting your belongings can be disinherited from your will. This could be an ex-spouse, child, parent, etc. It allows you to be selective to ensure that your belongings are going to the people that matter most.

4) Pets
Let’s face it, we Americans love our furry friends, and although they are much more than mere “property” to their owners, pets under the law are considered just that. Wills allow you to select who will take care of your pets after you’re gone. They allow you to make formal arrangements specifically covering the care of our pets to ensure they’re properly taken care of.

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