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What the Confrontation Clause Means Today.

The Confrontation Clause of the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution gives a defendant the right to confront his or her accuser. This includes any witnesses who speak out against him. The interpretation of this right has changed over time. Melendez-Diaz Case One case that had a substantial impact on the interpretation of the [...]

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What Does a Personal Representative Do? By Julie Garber

You'll be asked to name a number of fiduciaries when you set up your estate plan, and one of these is your personal representative. This individual is more commonly called an executor or -- if the person serving is a female -- an executrix. The term administrator is also used in some states, but while [...]

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Buying Or Selling A Home – Top 4 Reasons To Use A Florida Real Estate Attorney By Jarryd M. Dalfino, Esquire

Home ownership. Whether a secluded ranch house, a millionaire’s mansion, a downtown condo, or the emblematic suburban house with a white picket fence, home ownership is a staple feature of the American dream. In order to achieve the dream of home ownership, the average American must make the single largest financial investment of their lives. [...]

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Could Your Startup Answer These 23 Pitch Competition Questions?

Entrepreneur is on the road with startup platform Rise of the Rest. Check out Startup Anywhere for stories from the October road trip as well as for insights from thought leaders and community leaders showing there’s an entrepreneurial world outside Silicon Valley. Pitch competitions are a reality of startup life, as common as coffee mugs that [...]

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